The clench grip!

Yeah, we know, it could be just a fad. It could be just fun. It could be for the added function, but whatever the reason, the past decade has seen an uptick in AR fans adding aftermarket hardware and peripherals to our ARs. It’s cool, it’s fun, and it’s all the rage today. How many of us go to our local gun shop and handle the latest AR made only to envision it dressed to the nines in aftermarket hardware. Cerakote, custom forearms, picatinny rails; the list goes on with more options and goodies. We add custom, stocks, sights, handle points, triggers, grips, and more. Let’s face it, one reason we Americans love the AR is that “We the People” can customize ours to make it unique.

We buy hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars of add-ons. Then, over time, we change them out, looking for a better fit or function or both. To me, grips are the worst. I have tried dozens of brands on dozens of AR platforms and have never gotten a grip that felt quite right in my hand. But this year that has all changed.

Early this year, Talon Armament invented the “Clench Grip.” This revolutionary idea in AR grips had me slapping my forehead wondering why I didn’t think of it myself. It’s simple, absolutely unique to each user, and, as AR hardware goes, very reasonably priced. What’s so special about the Clench Grip? It’s the first and only grip that is fully customized to your hand. With some fancy technology I don’t claim to understand, the Clench Grip uses your actual hand and grip as you hold it to memorize your finger position.

When we got our Clench Grip, I was wondering just how well the system would work. But after following the easy-to-understand directions, I soon had my very own unique-to-me, personalized AR custom grip. Watch the video below to see just how simple it is…

Talon Armament Clench Grip

Here is my own personal Clench Grip on my Talon 6.5 Grendel.

So there you have it my AR friends. Thanks to Talon Armaments new Clench Grip we can now have a 100% unique custom grip on our AR. Ask your local retailer for them, or look for them on Optics Planet.