The New Face of Hunting Rifles

New Rifles Meet Old Traditions

For generations the go-to, old reliable deer rifle consisted of a bolt action, lever action, or maybe even a single shot break over or rolling block rifle. These types of firearms still serve as the keystone for many hunters from coast to coast today, and offer reliable and accurate hunting options. For those who are looking to add to their big game tool box, and gear up with a new rifle, the choices may seem endless. Make no mistake, the firearm market is full of terrific selections for today’s hunters in a variety of calibers, actions, and added features that until recently were not possible. Hunters of today have an amazing selection of hunting firearms available, from out of the box MOA bolt action rifles to muzzle loader rifles designed to shoot smokeless powder. The popularity of AR style rifles in recent years has brought that technology mainstream in the hunting community. It’s more common now more than ever to find an AR rifle chambered in .308 Winchester, or .300 blackout in deer camp. Many rifle manufacturers have developed AR style rifle models specifically for hunting. Technology advancements have taken a hold of the firearms industry, and hunters should take notice.


New and Old

As sportsmen and woodsmen there is a responsibility to the pursuit of game animals and a respect owed to cherished traditions. Hunters of today must hope to pass those traditions on to tomorrow’s hunters. Adopting new advancements in tools, materials, and technology for the hunt allows today’s hunters the ability to carry efficiencies and dynamic advantages into the field alongside those traditions and respect for the hunt. Hunters are able to bring together both the old and the new when it comes to their love of the pursuit and the outdoors. One of the ways many modern hunters are adopting technology advancements on the hunt is with AR rifles in the field. One of the leaders in developing those rifles for today’s hunter is Anderson Manufacturing. Anderson Manufacturing is a leader in AR style rifles, producing a first in class product that can be depended on to get the job done.

Anderson Rifles

Anderson Manufacturing and their Anderson Rifle is the perfect example of adopting a leading technology to the hunt and bringing new advancements into our hunting traditions. A leader in advancements of the AR rifle platform, Anderson Rifles are top in their class, offering precision rifles chambered in a variety of calibers from 9mm Luger to .308 Winchester. These rifles are state of the art, unmatched in accuracy, construction, and dependability.

Advanced Rifle Platform

Not only are the Anderson Rifles manufactured with top quality materials and made in the United States, they also offer the world’s only No Lubricant Rifle! Anderson Rifle is the only rifle in the world that never requires any lubricant, no oil, grease, or solvents. Their rifles are treated with the state of the art nanotechnology RF85. Anderson made rifles operate with 85% less friction, are 23% faster than conventional designs, never need oil, and clean up with soap and water.

What is RF85?

An isotropic nanotechnology designed to reduce friction between moving metallic parts, the RF85 treatment process permanently injects calcium into the molecular fabric of metal. When heat and pressure are introduced in a situation like firing a bullet, the calcium nanoparticles elongate, forming a protective barrier. RF85 is in the metal that the rifle is built from, it can’t be washed off or worn out. RF85 is the leading technology in any industry where moving metallic parts come together. There are multiple uses in applications like bearings, cutting surfaces, drive trains, medical application, and engines.

What do the Experts Say?

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, an American national science and technology lab sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, is a federally funded facility founded in 1943. With a federal budget of 1.4 billion dollars, the laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee has the budget and facilities to research and test products and processes like RF85. The Oak Ridge facility conducted extensive testing of RF85 friction-reducing treated firearms with amazing results. Their report showed reduced friction coefficients, reduction in wear, and lower operating temperatures with RF85 treated metals when compared to untreated metals.

So What Does It Mean?

By using RF85 technology in their manufacturing process, Anderson rifles never require lubricating. You never need oils or grease. Another fantastic ancillary benefit of no oil is less fouling. Oil attracts and holds powder fouling, dust, carbon deposits, and grime. Firearm lubricants are designed to stick to things like metal parts in actions and barrels, that same adhesion principle causes fouling to stick to the oil. Eliminating the need to oil the firearm also extends the number of shots required between cleanings. Less carbon byproducts and less dirt adhering to the firearm means more trigger time and less maintenance. RF85 treated rifle actions and barrels operate cooler than untreated rifle parts, extending the life of the treated components and your return on investment. When it comes to maintenance and cleaning of your Anderson rifle, the way to go is soap and water. Give the parts a good washing not much different than a sink full of dishes. Make sure everything is dry before reassembly and you are good to go.

Standing Behind Their Product

The good folks at Anderson Rifles stand behind their products 100%. Anderson Rifles are manufactured in the United States under strict tolerances by American workers with premium materials. As if that wasn’t enough, Anderson Rifles sells their firearms with a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser. If there is ever a manufactured defect or issue with your rifle, Anderson Manufacturing will stand behind their product and will make it right.

The New Face of Deer Rifles

The principles of pursuing big game remain steadfast and truer than ever. Hunters must manage game populations, habitat and herd health. Woodsmanship strategies like keeping your nose to the wind, knowing the habits of the game you hunt, and conserving resources hold truthful no matter what rifle you choose to hunt with. More and more often, hunters are choosing to pursue big game with AR style rifles. With so many advancements in technology, materials, and craftsmanship; it’s easy to see why. Whatever rifle you choose to carry into the woods this fall, keep the pursuit and passion alive.